23.11.2007 Davy Boy (RconEd CODRcon author) has tested the 2.3 version of RconEd and reports that it works as is with COD4.
06.11.2006 Released 2.3 - Added CODRcon for Call of Duty (COD) support. Tested against CoD2, but protocol should match all current CoD games.
BF2Rcon: Multi-line results now returned (not just the first line). BF2Rcon: Added additional method for specifying the local ip to use (xkr47)
19.09.2006 Released 2.2 - Added BF2Rcon for BF2 support. Also, added send() method to SourceRcon to include a param for localPort so that it can be told to use that rather than pick itself which port on the local machine to use.
28.03.2005 Released 2.0 - Improved Rcon support and new Source Rcon support
20.03.2005 Updated Forrest version so that pages appear OK with Firefox browsers
Dec 2004 / Jan 2005 Received bug fixes for RconEd and complete code for Source Rcon from Oscar Hierro, also known as PiTaGoRaS
01.05.2004 Actually created some pages \o/
02.05.2004 Released 1.0
05.06.2004 Created these pages with the Apache Forrest tool